Engineers of energy

About us

Our main focus is on serving businesses and partnering with developers. We offer a bundle of services in a linear way or you can choose from them which ever is currently your priority.

We are engineers

Smartecon was founded already in 2012 by people with long-time experience in energy and solarpanel fields. The people working in Smartecon have graduated from TalTech Department of Energy Technology and are certified engineers, experienced network operation specialists, solar panel production developers and power plant testing professionals.

We build smart green energy

Smartecon’s expertise enables offering different production structures beginning with one-panel power plant and ending with industrial production plants as well as creating remote or offline systems in a sparsely populated area.

For your green-thinking business

Our aim is to help companies and public sector reduce their constantly growing electric bills and cut back the consumption of polluting fossil fuels.

Green energy solutions, such as solar panels, are especially suitable for businesses who use a lot of electricity. The main cutback on energy cost would be reached by consuming the energy that is your own production. It is also reasonable to sell the remaining energy to the grid. A system with optimal power according to your needs helps to save as much money as possible while earning some of it back by selling the remaining produced energy to the grid.

In cooperation, we will find exactly the kind of solution – whether it is solar power, wind power or hydrogen power – that grants the best outcome in the long run.

We remain at your service throughout the products’ life cycle

We are a full-service partner, who guides you through the greening process from the beginning until your power park is ready for use. Even then we remain your partner as we do regular monitoring on your system operations to ensure that any malfunctioning is discovered on-time and fixed as fast as possible.

We help you to apply for funding


We will file an application for a grant to specific country’s leading organizations in the required format.


We will draft financial calculations and price quotation, which includes all necessary parts and steps of the process. We will also handle construction permits, and negotiations for joining the network etc.


If necessary, we will help draft financial calculations for negotiating with banks.

Let's work on it together!

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