Solar energy

We main focus is on serving businesses and partnering with developers. We offer a bundle of services in a linear way or you can choose from them which ever is currently your priority.



When first checking the object, we monitor the location and make sure it is suitable for installation. Once we have found a suitable location, we map and measure the exact area for the future solar park.



When designing a system that would match your needs, we will plan the exact location and patterns of your solar park. You are also given the strength calculations of installation devices as well as electrical connection schemes.



We will fill all necessary applications and forms for you, so that your solar park will have all the necessary documents according to the residence country’s legislation. These also include application for joining the grid and construction permits.



We will install the devices at the earliest opportunity and keep you informed of the whole process. We will do our best not to interfere with your company’s work while installing the solar park.



Once all the paperwork is in order and the system is working properly, we will present the necessary documents to the network operator. Then, you can sign a contract for buying and selling energy.


Regular maintenance

We do periodic check-ups and monitor your systems operational processes from our web-platform. This way, we can ensure that any malfunctioning will be fixed as fast as possible.

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